Indelible Niche Collective

 The Indelible Niche Collective is a collaborative home for like minded artists that focuses on creating and highlighting what we believe to be creative and enduring art. We do not limit ourselves to any certain musical genre or artistic style. Simply put, the INC strives to provide a place where artists may grow alongside those who seek the same creative stimulation.


eyetooth1EyeTooth Collective

DIY company that specializes in custom cassette runs of any quantity. Duplication, packaging, imprinting, and more!


1475998_373369732800287_2129199107_n  Wake Magazine

Wake Magazine is an independent online monthly magazine based in South Carolina, run by artists, for artists. It is our mission to expose our readers to creative, original, quality independent music, art and poetry. Featuring stories about the arts here in South Carolina and around the country and even the world, Wake Magazine wants to give the hard working, seasoned veterans as well as the talented up-and-comers the recognition they deserve.

fix album1

The Fix FM

Retaliation against corporate radio has begun! From the team at KLIX Radio and Kinetic HiFi comes Charleston’s answer to boring radio.




 Objects With Purpose


Momtrapreneur Ianthe Mauro found the best candle ingredients to create “objects with purpose” sharing her love for beauty & health. oWp candles represent her loves; Ianthe’s kids Asher, Dahlia & Francesca all have candles named after them!

*FREE shipping with code: light*



Conceptual Booking

Conceptual Booking is a talent management company dedicated to developing and promoting creative professionals in the fields of visual arts, music, poetry, spiritual arts and more. Based in Charleston, SC,  Conceptual Booking works with both up-and-coming and established talent in order to further their careers and achieve their goals. Conceptual Booking handles everything from booking performances, shows, workshops and lectures, to maintaining and enhancing web presence, to branding and marketing. Conceptual Booking has the concepts and the talent to make your creative vision a reality.

Jericho Advisors


At Jericho Advisors, we collaborate with entrepreneurs to build strong companies and communities.  Our unique approach blends practical, time-tested advice with innovative strategies, personalized service, and world-class support.  Whether our clients are start-ups or seasoned businesses, they look to us to spot opportunities and solve problems, to work proactively on their behalf, and to be an objective voice when
discussing their future.


Unperceived Records

Unperceived Records is an independent record label founded by german based composer Harnes Kretzer.Like every one else we love treasures and that’s what you might find here. We are seeking for the unexpected, the inconspicuous tones and the details nobody seems to hear.


Sole Glow Collective

Sole Glow Collective is a community of innovative artists in multiple mediums. We love the modern beat/electronic scene! We are vinyl collectors, beatmakers, DJs, event planners, promoters, clothing companies, graphic designers, and everything between.


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